8 Problems Only a Chow Chow Owner Would Understand

Every dog breed comes with its quirks, and Chow Chows are no exception. These fluffy furballs with a serious, almost brooding face are full of character, making for some hilariously specific ‘problems’. So, grab your fur brush and settle in; here are eight issues only owners of Chow Chows would truly understand.

Chow Chow

1. Fur, Fur Everywhere

Chow Chows are the poster pups for “floof”. They are fabulously fluffy, boasting a double coat that could out-volume an 80’s rock band’s hair. The downside? Fur. So much fur. Vacuuming becomes a daily (or hourly) chore, and wearing black clothes becomes a distant memory. And when shedding season rolls around, it’s like living in a snow globe of fur.

2. The Great Chow Chow Standoff

The Chow is a dignified, somewhat aloof breed. They’re more like a regal lion than an eager-to-please retriever. They don’t do anything they don’t want to, and their stubbornness can result in hilarious standoffs. Trying to coax them from the couch when they’re not ready to budge? You’d have better luck moving a mountain.

3. Guard Duty: Level Chow Chow

Chow Chows take the title of ‘guard dog’ very seriously. So seriously, in fact, that every guest (or leaf, or bird, or shadow) is a potential threat. Be prepared for suspicious stares and the occasional low growl aimed at innocent parties. But rest assured, your home is the safest on the block.

4. Walk? Nah, I’m Good

A unique aspect of Chow Chows is their rather… leisurely attitude towards exercise. A daily walk is essential, of course, but don’t expect your pup to get excited about it. If you’ve ever had to drag a 50-pound dog around the block, then you’re probably a Chow Chow owner.

5. The Chow Chow Scowl

Chow Chows have a naturally solemn expression, often interpreted as a scowl. This, combined with their aloofness, gives them a reputation for being grumpy. As an owner, you’ll find yourself frequently explaining that no, your furry friend isn’t upset, that’s just their face.

6. The Lion King Complex

With their leonine mane and regal demeanor, it’s no surprise that many Chow Chows appear to believe they’re kings of the jungle. This can result in some amusingly imperious behaviors, like choosing the most inconvenient places to sit (like your work papers) or demanding the best spot on the couch.

7. The ‘Too Cool for Drool’ Problem

Unlike some breeds, Chow Chows are not big droolers, which sounds great, right? That is until your Chow decides it’s time for a drink. These dogs can turn a simple sip of water into a mini tsunami, leaving a trail of wet paw prints and a half-empty water bowl in their wake.

8. The “I’d Rather Not” Attitude Towards Strangers

Chow Chows are known for their loyalty to their family, and indifference to everyone else. Socialization can help, but most Chows still maintain a standoffish attitude toward strangers. This makes introductions interesting, to say the least. The good news? You’ll never have to worry about your dog running off with a stranger.

So there you have it – eight ‘problems’ that are all part of the unique charm of owning a Chow Chow. They might be stubborn and aloof, but their loyalty and character make them one of the most lovable breeds around. Sure, you might have to invest in a few more lint rollers and practice your negotiation skills, but one look at that fluffy face and you’ll agree: it’s all worth it.

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